Gold Bullion Wealth Ownership/Copyright Policy

Welcome to the official Ownership/Copyright Policy of Gold Bullion Wealth. This document outlines our stance and procedures regarding the use of our copyrighted photographic images and other intellectual property. Please read this policy carefully to understand your responsibilities and our rights.

Policy on Unauthorised Use:

  1. Prohibition of Unauthorised Use: Under the Bern Convention, UK Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1998, US laws, and other national legislations, it is strictly prohibited to use any original or modified versions of photographic images owned by Gold Bullion Wealth without explicit consent. This extends to all content available on the Gold Bullion Wealth website, including but not limited to text, graphics, logos, icons, images, and software. This content is the exclusive property of Gold Bullion Wealth or its content suppliers and is protected under international copyright laws.
  2. Immediate Removal Required: Any unauthorised use of our images or other content must be ceased immediately. This includes their removal from all platforms, regardless of whether the listing or auction has ended.

Financial Remedies and Compensation:

  1. Damages for Unauthorised Use: Gold Bullion Wealth is entitled to claim damages starting from £5,000 per image for unauthorised use. This amount is subject to change based on the specifics of each case.
  2. Profit Accounting: Users who have benefited from the unauthorised use of our images or other content are required to provide an account of profits made and compensate Gold Bullion Wealth

Cost Recovery and Administrative Fees:

  1. Recovery of Costs: All costs incurred by Gold Bullion Wealth in the enforcement of our copyright, including administrative fees and legal expenses, will be charged to the infringer.
  2. Charge for Image Identification: Should there be a need for identification or proof of our image ownership, Gold Bullion Wealth reserves the right to levy an administrative fee for providing such information.

Usage Guidelines and Requirements:

  1. Accreditation for Authorised Use: In cases where Gold Bullion Wealth has granted permission to use our images or other content, proper credit and/or copyright notice must be displayed visibly alongside the image or content, with a link to the source page on our website.
  2. Search Engine Compliance: Websites utilising our images or content under authorisation should ensure their robots.txt file is set to “index, follow” with a link to our website’s relevant page.

Our Investment and Rights:

Gold Bullion Wealth has committed substantial resources towards creating high-quality professional images and developing other media content. This includes investments in personnel, expertise, equipment, training, and time. The unauthorised use of our images or any other content is a direct violation of our rights and undermines our business efforts.

Enforcement and Compliance:

This policy is non-negotiable and will be enforced rigorously. Gold Bullion Wealth reserves the right to take any necessary legal action against individuals or entities that violate our copyright policy.

Contact and Further Information:

For any queries or requests regarding the use of our images or other content, please contact us at

Compliance/Enforcement Department

Gold Bullion Wealth