There is no statutory right to return or cancel an order once placed under the Financial Services (Distance Marketing) Regulations 2004. The goods we supply are dependent on fluctuations in financial markets.

You can however request that we terminate an order you have placed in some circumstances – this is referred to in the terms and conditions as a request to use our termination service.

If you do choose to terminate an order prior to despatch/collection you will be charged for any fall in the underlying metal price for the goods from when the order was placed to when it was terminated, along with a termination fee.

From our full terms and conditions

12. RISK NOTICE Goods and metal prices are influenced by the global metal market, which fluctuates independently. Past performance does not guarantee future prices.

13. CANCELLATION RIGHTS While you do not have statutory cancellation rights due to price fluctuations, you can terminate an order before delivery or collection, incurring additional charges.

14. TERMINATION AND CHANGES Once you’ve placed an order or made an offer, any alterations or withdrawals to the order or offer cannot be made unless we initiate changes as described in clause 7, and we request your confirmation or withdrawal of the modified order or offer.

Termination of the contract by you allows for the discontinuation of a specific transaction or service at any time, treated as a request for our termination service, incurring a fee. We will confirm in writing or verbally upon acceptance of your termination order. Refer to clause 15 and the applicable sections in these terms and conditions for the specific process, costs, and charges related to the services you wish to terminate. Without an exception, termination of the contract or any part of it is only possible by providing written notice after a material breach by us, or as permitted by the relevant section in these terms and conditions related to the transaction or service.

Note: To validate termination due to a material breach by us, evidence of the breach must be provided if requested (and if reasonable in all circumstances for us to ask).

Termination of the contract by us involves a thorough consideration of whether any defaults or problems can be rectified before initiating termination. If deemed irremediable or if not resolved within a reasonable timeframe after our attempts to communicate the issue, or due to uncontrollable factors specified in clause 20, we reserve the right to terminate. This termination can occur by providing written notice or as permitted by a relevant section. Additionally, we can terminate or treat as terminated the contract, transaction, or service if we are relieved of our obligations under the contract or regarding the particular transaction or service.

Changes to your details are essential if you are an account user. Notification of any changes to the details required for setting up your account must be immediate. Losing your account card also requires prompt notification. Failure to comply may result in the exercise of our rights outlined in clause 16, including potential termination of pending transactions, services, or the entire contract, at our discretion. Failure to comply may be treated as a default or problem.

If you are not an account user, any disparity between the details we possess from a previous or completed order and the information provided for a new order may necessitate the provision of complete and updated identification to verify as part of the prerequisites for the new contract.



If either party terminates the contract or any portion thereof, whether through valid notice or mutual agreement, the following outcomes will be applicable to the terminated contract or its segment:

You will be responsible for any adverse movement in the underlying metal price, calculated based on the variation between the global market spot price at the time of placing your order and when the termination is acknowledged by us, multiplied by the precious metal content of your item(s).

The incurrence of a termination fee.

Possible obligation to make payments for supplementary services like the delivery of goods to you.

Immediate payment of all amounts owed to us from the commencement until the termination date, encompassing sums mentioned in point (1) above, as well as fees and charges for any defaults or problems. These payments must be settled promptly.

Cessation of our obligations related to the contract, including any commitments to finalize transactions or render services that have been terminated.

The act of termination, whether by us or by you validly, does not constitute a breach of the contract or any other obligations toward you, nor does it render us liable to you, provided it is executed in a valid manner. The same applies if we exercise our remedies appropriately.

Termination or the application of our remedies will not affect the rights and remedies that have been accrued by either party. Provisions within these terms and conditions that explicitly or implicitly hold relevance post-termination will remain fully effective.



We will conduct ourselves reasonably and proportionately when employing our remedies. Here are the rights and provisions we may execute

Reliance on your order: We hold the entitlement to trust your order’s completeness and accuracy. While we verify identification and check for necessary information in your order, we may not catch all errors or omissions. Any errors or omissions we address could be considered defaults or problems.

Special fees and charges: In the event of a default or problem, we reserve the right to impose fees and charges following our tariff.

Additional information: Upon reasonable request, you must provide supplementary information. Failure to do so constitutes a material breach.

Death or incapacity: In the case of your death or mental incapacity, your personal representatives or Deputy of the Court of Protection must inform us by ordering our trustee service promptly.

Voluntary trusts: Should we provide storage services for you and your goods are held on trust for someone else or by someone else as the trustee, you must notify us through an order for our trustee service. We will keep records of these trust arrangements.

Suspension, refusal, blocking: If there’s a default, problem, or a material breach by you, or we suspect insolvency on your part, we reserve the right to exercise various actions, including suspending orders, user accounts, services, and more. We will inform you of these actions through email, phone, or formal written notice.

Insolvency concerning you: In cases of your insolvency before ownership transfer, we reserve the right to refrain from fulfilling storage or delivery services, reclaim items, and even enter your premises if necessary.

Indemnity against tax: Upon request, you must reimburse us for any direct or indirect taxes relating to the contract.

Our right to withhold your property: We retain the right to hold onto your items if there are outstanding payments. We won’t be obliged to offer collection or delivery services until all payments are made.

Set off: We may offset any owed sum against each other, constituting a default if not fulfilled after our written request.

Set off against item(s): In the case of storage services, if we owe you less or no money, we may set off against your stored items, paying you for any leftover fractions.

Excessive outstanding charges and tariff: For storage services, if unpaid charges exceed your stored goods’ value, we reserve the right to cancel your user account and status as an account user.

Exclusion of certain statutory rights: Rights implied by the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 are excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law.

Unclaimed funds: If we are unable to contact you, repeated attempts will be made over a reasonable period. If unsuccessful, we may cash in your items, settling fees and costs, and donate the remaining sums to a chosen charity.