1991 Britannia (1/10 oz.) Gold Proof £10 Coin

Celebrates the historic and cultural significance of Britannia, embodying the spirit of the United Kingdom

Artistic Reverse Depiction: Exquisite portrayal of Britannia by acclaimed artist Philip Nathan, reflecting Britain’s powerful legacy and cultural richness

Distinguished Obverse Representation: Raphael Maklouf’s skillful depiction of Queen Elizabeth II, embodying Her grace and Royal stature

Engraved Inscription: ‘ELIZABETH II DEI GRA REGINA FID DEF’ encircling the effigy, highlighting Her esteemed titles and reign


PF 69 ULTRA CAMEO exemplifying near-perfect quality and exceptional craftsmanship


In 1991, the esteemed collection of Britain’s numismatic artistry was graced with the introduction of the Britannia £10 Gold Proof Coin, a testament to the nation’s rich tradition in coinage. Minted in a tenth of an ounce of splendid 22-Carat Gold, this coin is a smaller yet equally prestigious counterpart to its larger denominations, offering collectors the chance to own a piece of Britain’s celebrated legacy.

The reverse of this exquisite coin features the emblematic figure of Britannia, the eternal personification of the British Isles, whose image has been a beacon of strength and spirit through centuries. This particular portrayal captures Britannia in a moment of poised elegance, Her gaze resolute, with the iconic shield and olive branch in hand, symbolising peace and strength. This image not only celebrates Britain’s maritime heritage and indomitable spirit but also showcases the exceptional skills of the coin’s designer, capturing the essence of Britannia with every delicate detail.

On the obverse, collectors will find the regal portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, executed with the high level of craftsmanship synonymous with the highest of standards. The portrait, designed by the distinguished Raphael Maklouf, presents the Queen in a profile of serene dignity, adding a sovereign elegance to the coin’s allure.

Each Britannia £10 Gold Proof Coin is struck with the utmost precision, utilising specially selected dies and polished blanks to ensure that the intricate details of Britannia and the Queen’s effigy are captured with clarity and luminance. This precision highlights the coin’s artistry and the mastery of its creators, making it a coveted piece for connoisseurs of fine gold coinage.

The coin’s composition of solid, fine 916.7 Gold emphasises its purity and value, appealing to collectors not only for its beauty and historical significance but also for its investment potential. With a limited mintage, the 1991 Britannia £10 Gold Proof Coin is a rare gem within the world of numismatics, celebrating the enduring legacy of Britannia and the unparalleled craftsmanship of Britain’s minting tradition.

As a symbol of Britain’s storied past and a masterpiece of numismatic art, the Britannia £10 Gold Proof Coin is a cherished addition to any collection, embodying the grace and resilience of Britannia Herself and the timeless heritage of the British Isles.

Fineness / Carat
GradePF 69
Maximum Mintage
Obverse Designer
Reverse Designer
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