1993 Queen Elizabeth II 40th Anniversary of the Coronation Gold Proof £5 Coin

Marks the 40th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation, celebrating four decades of Her reign and service to the United Kingdom.

A regal depiction of the St. Edward’s Crown, symbolising the moment of coronation and the continuity of monarchy.

A refined effigy of Queen Elizabeth II by Raphael Maklouf, capturing Her mature grace and poise in the 40th year of Her reign.

‘ELIZABETH II DEI GRA REGINA FID DEF’ surrounds the effigy, confirming Her Royal titles and the divine right to rule.




In 1993, the numismatic world welcomed the exquisite £5 Gold Proof Coin, minted to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation. This coin, struck from the finest 22-carat gold and weighing 1.41 ounces, serves as a stunning tribute to a historic Royal event and the enduring legacy of one of the most celebrated monarchs in history.

The coin’s reverse features the masterful design by Robert Elderton, showcasing the majestic St Edward’s Crown, symbolising the Queen’s coronation. This iconic crown is encircled by forty trumpets, representing each year of Elizabeth II’s reign up to that point, a design that beautifully captures the pomp and ceremony of the British monarchy.

On the obverse, collectors are treated to the youthful portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, a design originally crafted by Mary Gillick and reinterpreted here by Raphael Maklouf. This portrayal of the Queen, surrounded by mounted trumpeters, reflects the joy and solemnity of Her early years on the throne, highlighting Her grace, dignity, and the promise of Her reign. Maklouf’s design pays homage to Gillick’s original work, while infusing it with his own stylistic elements, making the coin a unique piece that bridges the past and present of Royal portraiture.

Struck with unparalleled precision, this coin exemplifies the pinnacle of numismatic craftsmanship, ensuring that every detail—from the intricate designs of Elderton and Maklouf to the Queen’s regal likeness—is captured with clarity and brilliance. With its limited mintage, the 40th Anniversary of the Coronation Gold Proof £5 Coin is a sought-after piece among collectors, embodying not only significant monetary value but also a deep historical and artistic significance.

The coin’s composition of solid, fine 916.7 Gold underscores its purity and intrinsic worth, elevating it beyond a mere currency to a cherished work of art. It commemorates not just four decades of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign but also the rich traditions and ceremonies of the British monarchy, encapsulated in the symbolic representations of the St Edward’s Crown and the mounted trumpeters. As a collector’s item, it holds a special place in the hearts of numismatists and Royal enthusiasts alike, representing a piece of history and a celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s long-standing service, leadership, and the profound respect She has garnered from Her subjects and admirers worldwide.

Weight (grams)39.94g
Fineness / Carat0.9167/ 22
Maximum Mintage2500
Mint / BrandThe Royal Mint
Obverse DesignerRaphael Maklouf
Reverse DesignerRobert Elderton
Denomination£5 Crown
CountryUnited Kingdom
MonarchElizabeth II (1952-2022)
GradePF 70
SecurityNGC Certified


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