1995 Britannia (1/10 oz.) Gold Proof £10 Coin

Marks the pivotal role of Britannia in British culture, celebrating Her as an emblem of national identity and unity

Features the iconic image of Britannia, designed by Philip Nathan, evoking the nation’s maritime prowess and historical significance

Raphael Maklouf’s exquisite depiction of Queen Elizabeth II, symbolising Her grace and leadership

Encircles the obverse with the Latin inscription ‘ELIZABETH II DEI GRA REGINA FID DEF’, highlighting the Queen’s official titles


PF 69 ULTRA CAMEO exemplifying near-perfect quality and exceptional craftsmanship


In 1995, the Britannia £10 Gold Proof Coin was introduced, capturing the essence of British heritage and craftsmanship. This remarkable coin, part of an esteemed collection, is struck from 1/10th ounce of the purest 22-Carat Gold, showcasing the fine artistry and tradition of British minting.

The reverse side of this exquisite coin proudly displays the iconic figure of Britannia, a timeless personification of Britain’s strength and integrity. Captured in stunning detail, Britannia stands resolute, her gaze fixed on the horizon, a representation of the nation’s forward-looking spirit and undying resilience. The shield at her side and the trident in her hand are not just tools of defence but symbols of Britain’s maritime prowess and historical significance.

On the obverse, the coin features a sophisticated and regal portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, exquisitely crafted by the renowned sculptor Raphael Maklouf. This portrait, a symbol of continuity and stability, adds an element of timeless elegance to this collectable piece.

Every aspect of the Britannia £10 Gold Proof Coin reflects the meticulous attention to detail and the high standards of quality synonymous with British coinage. The coin’s striking process involves the use of hand-selected dies and specially prepared blanks, ensuring that every nuance of Britannia’s portrayal and the Queen’s effigy is rendered with exceptional clarity and brilliance.

This coin, with its limited mintage, is a sought-after piece for collectors and enthusiasts alike. It represents not just a monetary value, but also the rich history and cultural identity of Britain. The 1995 Britannia £10 Gold Proof Coin, with its 916.7 fine Gold purity and exquisite craftsmanship, is more than just a collector’s item – it is a symbol of national pride and a testament to the enduring legacy of British minting excellence.

Fineness / Carat
GradePF 69
Maximum Mintage
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