1998 Britannia (1/2 oz.) Gold Proof £50 Coin

Honours the storied history and cultural significance of Britannia, encapsulating Britain’s spirit and heritage

Features an intricate depiction of Britannia, designed by Philip Nathan, showcasing Britain’s indomitable strength and historical legacy

A striking representation of Queen Elizabeth II by Ian Rank-Broadley, epitomising Her grace and authority

Bears the inscription ‘BRITANNIA 1998’ encircling the effigy, marking its historical significance


PF 69 ULTRA CAMEO exemplifying near-perfect quality and exceptional craftsmanship


In honour of the 1998 Britannia heritage, a stunning £50 Gold Proof Coin was released, forming part of an esteemed collection. Masterfully crafted in 1998, this coin showcases the pinnacle of British minting excellence. Composed of half an ounce of 22-Carat Gold, it embodies purity and sophistication in its design and material.

The reverse side of the coin proudly features the iconic image of Britannia, the personification of Britain, in a majestic pose that captures her strength and enduring spirit. This design, rich in symbolism, portrays Britannia with her traditional attributes: the shield, emblematic of protection; the trident, signifying maritime sovereignty; and the olive branch, a symbol of peace. Such imagery eloquently conveys the values and heritage of the British Isles, resonating deeply with collectors and patriots alike.

The obverse of the coin features an elegant and precise portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, created by the renowned sculptor Ian Rank Broadley. His design, introduced in 1998, is notable for its realistic depiction of the Queen, showing her wearing the royal diadem (crown) used for state occasions, along with earrings and a necklace. The portrait is accompanied by the inscription of the Queen’s name and the denomination of the coin. Rank-Broadley’s portrait is appreciated for its detail and was a significant aspect of UK coinage, representing the fourth major portrait of the Queen used on British currency.

This coin is a testament to the art of coinage, produced with extraordinary precision. The minting process involves the use of finely tuned dies and meticulously polished blanks, ensuring that each aspect of Britannia and the Queen’s portrait is rendered in stunning detail, reflecting light with an unparalleled brilliance.

With only a limited number of these coins minted, the 1998 Britannia Gold Proof £50 Coin stands as a rare and prestigious piece for collectors. The coin’s substantial weight and 916.7 fine Gold composition not only highlight its material value but also its significance as a symbol of Britain’s rich cultural and historical legacy. This coin is not just a collector’s item but a piece of British heritage, celebrating the timeless strength and spirit of Britannia.

Fineness / Carat
GradePF 69
Maximum Mintage
Obverse Designer
Reverse Designer
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