2000 Britannia (1 oz.) Gold Proof £100 Coin

Marks the turn of the millennium, embodying the spirit of progress and Britain’s forward-looking aspirations

Featuring Britannia by Philip Nathan, a representation of Britain’s unyielding spirit and timeless values

Queen Elizabeth II’s effigy by Ian Rank-Broadley, showcasing Her grace and leadership at the start of a new century

Inscribed with ‘ELIZABETH II DEI GRA REGINA FID DEF’, honouring Her Majesty’s Royal titles and legacy


PF 69 ULTRA CAMEO exemplifying near-perfect quality and exceptional craftsmanship


In the year 2000, the United Kingdom celebrated a new millennium with the striking of the Britannia £100 Gold Proof Coin, a masterpiece in the realm of numismatics and a tribute to the enduring legacy of Britannia. This prestigious coin, minted in solid 22-Carat Gold, is of one ounce in weight, representing the pinnacle of purity and craftsmanship in gold coinage.

The reverse design of this remarkable coin features the iconic image of Britannia, the personification of Britain, in a powerful and serene pose. With her trident in hand and shield at her side, Britannia is depicted as a symbol of strength and integrity, standing guard over the Isles. This image not only pays homage to Britain’s rich maritime heritage but also to its forward-looking spirit and unwavering resolve as it entered the 21st century.

The obverse presents a sophisticated and regal portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, crafted by the renowned sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley. This depiction underscores the coin’s legal tender status while adding a layer of majestic dignity to the coin’s overall aesthetic. The meticulous attention to detail in both the portrait of the Queen and the figure of Britannia showcases the commitment to numismatic excellence.

Produced using specially selected dies and polished blanks, the coinage process for the Britannia £100 Gold Proof Coin ensures that every nuance of Britannia’s likeness and the Queen’s portrait is rendered with stunning clarity and brilliance. The limited mintage of these coins emphasises their exclusivity and collectability, making them a coveted item among collectors and enthusiasts of British heritage.

With its solid, fine 916.7 Gold composition, the Britannia £100 Gold Proof Coin is not only a testament to the highest standards of minting but also a symbol of Britain’s enduring legacy and vision for the future. It is a remarkable collector’s piece that embodies the strength, tradition, and progress of the United Kingdom, making it a significant and cherished addition to any collection.

Fineness / Carat
GradePF 69
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