2007 St. George and The Dragon Sovereign Gold Proof 4 Coin Set

Celebrates the heritage and history of British coinage through the depiction of the iconic St. George and the Dragon tale.

Features the classic design of St. George slaying the dragon, a symbol of valour and English folklore, crafted by Benedetto Pistrucci.

Presents Ian Rank-Broadley’s esteemed effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, representing her steadfast reign during a period of change.

‘ELIZABETH II DEI GRA REGINA FID DEF’ encircles the portrait, underscoring her Royal authority and the coin’s ceremonial significance.


PF 70


In 2007, the numismatic world witnessed the release of a magnificent four-coin set, paying homage to the enduring legend of St. George and the Dragon. This distinguished set includes the Half Sovereign, Sovereign, Double Sovereign, and the majestic Five Sovereign Gold Proof Coins, each crafted with exceptional skill and representing a significant chapter in Britain’s rich coinage history.

  1. 2007 St. George Half Sovereign Gold Proof Coin: This coin, the smallest in the set, showcases the timeless story of St. George in his heroic confrontation with the dragon. Crafted in 22-Carat Gold, it is a symbol of courage and valour, encapsulated in a compact yet detailed depiction.
  2. 2007 St. George Sovereign Gold Proof Coin: The Sovereign, revered in the realm of British coinage, presents an exquisite rendition of St. George mounted on his steed, fearlessly engaging the dragon. This coin captures the essence of bravery and the spirit of overcoming adversity.
  3. 2007 St. George Double Sovereign Gold Proof Coin: Doubling the size of the Sovereign, this Double Sovereign coin amplifies the drama and detail of St. George’s legendary battle. The larger canvas allows for a more vivid and detailed representation of this iconic scene.
  4. 2007 St. George Five Sovereign Gold Proof Coin: As the centrepiece of the set, the Five Sovereign coin is unparalleled in its grandeur. This substantial coin offers a detailed and lifelike portrayal of the mythical battle, its expansive surface showcasing the design in its full glory.

Each coin in this 2007 set is struck with the highest precision, ensuring that every aspect of Benedetto Pistrucci’s classic St. George and the Dragon design is captured with clarity and brilliance. The obverse of each coin bears the dignified portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, as envisioned by the eminent sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley, symbolising her reign at the time of issue.

With a grade of PF 70 ULTRA CAMEO, the 2007 St. George and The Dragon Sovereign Gold Proof 4 Coin Set represents the pinnacle of numismatic perfection. Each coin in the set is a testament to faultless craftsmanship and embodies the essence of the legendary tales and traditions that are woven into the fabric of British heritage. This set is not only a prized addition for collectors but also a celebration of the timeless narrative of St. George and the Dragon.

CollectionCoin sets, Sovereign
Set4 Set
Fineness / Carat0.9167/ 22
Mint / BrandThe Royal Mint
Obverse Designer
Reverse Designer
MonarchElizabeth II (1952-2022)
CountryUnited Kingdom
SecurityNGC Certified


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