2010 Restoration of the Monarchy Gold Proof £5 Coin

Honours the Restoration of the British Monarchy, marking a pivotal moment in the nation’s Royal history

David Cornell’s elegant depiction of the monarchy’s rebirth, encapsulating the spirit of resilience and tradition in British history

Ian Rank-Broadley’s refined effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, embodying regal grace and the continuity of the monarchy

‘ELIZABETH II DEI GRA REGINA FID DEF’ encircling the Queen’s portrayal, affirming Her royal lineage and sovereignty




In 2010, the numismatic world was graced with the release of the Restoration of the Monarchy Gold Proof £5 Coin, a splendid tribute to a pivotal moment in British history. This coin, part of an illustrious series commemorating significant historical events, is expertly struck from solid 22-Carat Gold, weighing an impressive 1.41 ounces. It represents the epitome of craftsmanship and historical celebration in minting.

The reverse of this distinguished coin features a meticulously crafted design that pays homage to the restoration of the British monarchy in 1660, marking the end of the Commonwealth period and the return of King Charles II to the throne. This design by David Cornell commemorates the 350th anniversary of the Restoration of the Monarchy. The image includes oak leaves, a crown, and the date of 1660, signifying the re-establishment of the monarchy’s authority and splendour.

On the obverse, collectors will find a regal portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, created by the renowned sculptor Ian Rank Broadley. This portrait is a testament to the continuity of the British monarchy and adds a layer of depth and reverence to the coin, linking the past with the present in a tangible form.

Struck with the utmost precision and attention to detail, this coin showcases the high standards of numismatic artistry. Using specially selected dies and highly polished planchets, the minting process ensures that every nuance of the design is captured with clarity and brilliance, highlighting the intricate details that celebrate the monarchy’s restoration.

With a limited mintage, the Restoration of the Monarchy Gold Proof £5 Coin is a rare and sought-after piece among collectors. Its composition of solid, fine 916.7 Gold underscores its purity and the intrinsic value, making it not only a significant historical commemorative piece but also a valuable investment.

This coin is more than a mere collector’s item; it symbolises the resilience and enduring legacy of the British monarchy, celebrating the momentous occasion when tradition was restored and the monarchy embarked on a new chapter. It serves as a unique and precious keepsake for numismatists, historians, and Royal enthusiasts alike, encapsulating the splendour and significance of the Restoration of the Monarchy.

Weight (grams)39.94g
Fineness / Carat0.9167/ 22
Maximum Mintage1182
MonarchElizabeth II (1952-2022)
Obverse DesignerIan Rank-Broadley
Reverse DesignerDavid Cornell
Denomination£5 Crown
Mint / BrandThe Royal Mint
CountryUnited Kingdom
GradePF 70
SecurityNGC Certified


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