2012 London Paralympics Gold Proof £5 Coin

Honours the 2012 London Paralympic Games, reflecting the spirit of determination and the triumph of human will

Dynamic depiction of the Paralympic Games, embodying the essence of perseverance and athletic prowess

A stately portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Ian Rank-Broadley, showcasing her grace and regality in the modern era

‘ELIZABETH II DEI GRA REGINA FID DEF’ encircling the Queen’s portrait, underscoring Her Royal titles and authority





In homage to the 2012 London Paralympic Games, the year 2012 saw the release of the exceptional London Paralympics Gold Proof £5 Coin, a gem in the crown of the Paralympic collection. Exquisitely crafted, this coin is forged from solid 22-Carat Gold, embodying the essence of purity and resilience with its 1.41 ounce weight of the finest, purest Gold.

The reverse of the coin, specifically created to celebrate the London 2012 Paralympic Games, was designed by Pippa Sanderson. Her design features a close-up image of the iconic Paralympic logo—the three “agitos” (from the Latin word ‘agito’, meaning “I move”), coloured in red, blue, and green, encircling a central point to symbolise motion and the coming together of athletes from all over the world. The design conveys the dynamism of the Paralympic Games and the athletes’ spirit, striving for excellence.

On the obverse, the coin proudly presents a meticulously crafted portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, a work of art by the renowned sculptor Ian Rank Broadley, lending a stately and distinguished air to this collectable piece.

Minted with exacting precision and a keen eye for detail, this coin is a testament to the artistry and expertise in the field of numismatics. Employing the finest dies and meticulously polished blanks, the minting process ensures that each aspect of the Paralympic Games and the Queen’s portrait is rendered with striking clarity and brilliance.

Issued in a strictly limited edition globally, the London Paralympics Gold Proof £5 Coin is a rarity and a treasure for collectors. Its composition of solid, unadulterated 916.7 Gold highlights its purity and substantial worth. This coin stands as a proud symbol of the 2012 London Paralympic Games, celebrating the extraordinary achievements and indomitable spirit of Paralympic athletes, an inspiring addition to any collection.

Weight (grams)39.94g
Fineness / Carat0.9167/ 22
Maximum Mintage2012
MonarchElizabeth II (1952-2022)
Obverse DesignerIan Rank-Broadley
Reverse DesignerPippa Sanderson
Denomination£5 Crown
Mint / BrandThe Royal Mint
CountryUnited Kingdom
GradePF 70
SecurityNGC Certified


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