2013 Britannia (1/2 oz.) Gold Proof £50 Coin

Honours Britannia as a timeless emblem of Britain’s indomitable spirit and rich history

Features a powerful depiction of Britannia by Robert Hunt. This elegant interpretation carries a distinctly ancient Greek ambience, further emphasised by the incorporation of an owl. The owl represents wisdom, prestige, and prosperity

Ian Rank-Broadley’s masterful representation of Queen Elizabeth II, encapsulating Her regal elegance and grace

The words ‘BRITANNIA 2013’ encircle the image, emphasising the coin’s commemorative purpose




In the grand tapestry of British numismatic heritage, the 2013 Britannia Gold Proof £50 Coin emerges as a masterpiece, marking a significant chapter in the annals of coin collecting. Minted in the year 2013, this exceptional coin is part of the revered Britannia series, a symbol of Britain’s enduring spirit and a beacon of its rich cultural history. Crafted from the finest 24-carat gold, this coin contains a half ounce of pure gold, embodying both the tangible and symbolic value of Britain’s legacy.

The reverse side of the coin features the iconic image of Britannia, the enduring symbol of Britain’s stoic spirit and maritime prowess. She is depicted with her traditional attributes: a Corinthian helmet, resting upon her head, evoking her warrior aspect; the owl, signifying wisdom, prestige and prosperity; and a trident, symbolising Britain’s naval dominance. This portrayal of Britannia not only captures her as a guardian of the Isles but also celebrates the nation’s indomitable resolve and its rich naval heritage.

On the obverse, collectors will find the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, executed with exquisite detail. This portrait, a work of art in itself, is the hallmark of the coin’s authenticity and a tribute to the Queen’s long-standing reign. The craftsmanship evident in the portrayal of Her Majesty adds a layer of regality and prestige to the coin, enhancing its status as a collectable.

Struck with meticulous attention to detail, this £50 Gold Proof Coin is a product of the highest standards of numismatic excellence. The use of specially selected dies and highly polished planchets ensures that every aspect of Britannia’s representation and the Queen’s effigy is rendered with clarity, bringing to life the symbols of Britain’s heritage with stunning luminosity.

With a limited mintage, the 2013 Britannia Gold Proof £50 Coin stands as a rare and sought-after piece among collectors and enthusiasts of British coinage. Its composition of solid, fine 999.9 gold not only affirms its intrinsic value but also its symbolic significance as a tribute to Britain’s historical depth and the timeless virtues of strength, resilience, and guardianship that Britannia represents.

This coin transcends its monetary value, embodying the spirit of a nation and its people’s connection to the sea, sovereignty, and undying resilience. As a part of the Britannia series, it is not merely a collector’s item but a piece of Britain’s narrative, a testament to the enduring legacy and the forward march of its history and ideals.

Weight (grams)
Fineness / Carat
GradePF 70
Maximum Mintage
Mint / Brand
Obverse Designer
Reverse Designer
Denomination(1/2 oz.) £50


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