The following terms and conditions are an integral part of your agreement with Gold Bullion Wealth Limited when engaging in the purchase or sale of goods or utilising our services. They are applicable whether you access our services through our website at www.goldbullionwealth.com, our helpline, or in person. Please note that all other terms and conditions are excluded – see clause 20, below.




Please pay special attention to clauses marked with ‘*’ in Section A.

  1. DEFINITIONS OF WORDS AND PHRASES When terms and phrases are presented in bold italics in these terms and conditions, they hold specific meanings. The glossary in our FAQs provides explanations for terms like “we,” “us,” “our,” “you,” “your,” and others. Understanding these definitions is crucial; please refer to the glossary to comprehend these terms accurately.
  2. IDENTIFICATION OF PARTIES You, as the customer under this contract, and Gold Bullion Wealth Limited, as the supplier, comprise the parties involved. Details such as company registration number (15095772), VAT number, and registered office (61 Crowstone Road, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex SS1 1BJ) are provided for clarity.
  3. USE OF SUBCONTRACTORS We employ subcontractors to aid in delivering certain services. We reserve the right to subcontract any part or all of our services and alter subcontractors as necessary.
  4. FORMATION OF CONTRACT BETWEEN YOU AND US Each order or offer you place constitutes an offer to buy goods or services from us, subject to these terms and conditions. The contract is established at the moment you place an order or offer through our website, helpline, or in-person subject to specific preconditions being met.
  5. CONTRACT DURATION The contract’s duration for purchased items begins upon commencement and continues until the completion of all outstanding transactions or services within your order or offer.
  6. INVESTMENT GUIDANCE We are not authorised to offer advice comparing precious metals with regulated investments or provide guidance on potential tax implications related to engaging in a contract with us. It is imperative that you seek investment or tax advice from your financial, tax, and/or accounting advisors if needed.
  7. RELIANCE ON INFORMATION DURATION While we aim to publish accurate information about goods and services on our website, discrepancies may occur. We reserve the right to correct or modify any information related to goods ordered before accepting your order.
  8. PRICING Unless specified otherwise due to clause 7 changes, the contract’s price for goods and services is based on the order’s stated price. Our prices fluctuate, and subsequent service requests related to previous orders will be subject to our current prices.
  9. SUPPLIED GOODS AND SERVICES The goods and/or services provided under the contract are as described in our acceptance of the order. The selected goods and services determine which terms and conditions apply, with Section A being universally applicable.
  10. LIABILITY, INSURANCE, AND REMEDIES Our liabilities, whether unlimited, excluded, or limited, are specified in relation to the services offered. We may use insurance to cover risks at our discretion. Specific rights, including suspension or termination, may be exercised in response to defaults or problems.
  11. USE OF OUR FACILITIES We provide our website and helpline without charge but reserve the right to suspend or discontinue services. Your use of these facilities must adhere to our Acceptable Use Policy.
  12. RISK NOTICE Goods and metal prices are influenced by the global metal market, which fluctuates independently. Past performance does not guarantee future prices.
  13. CANCELLATION RIGHTS While you do not have statutory cancellation rights due to price fluctuations, you can terminate an order before delivery or collection, incurring additional charges.
  14. TERMINATION AND CHANGES Once you’ve placed an order or made an offer, any alterations or withdrawals to the order or offer cannot be made unless we initiate changes as described in clause 7, and we request your confirmation or withdrawal of the modified order or offer.

Termination of the contract by you allows for the discontinuation of a specific transaction or service at any time, treated as a request for our termination service, incurring a fee. We will confirm in writing or verbally upon acceptance of your termination order. Refer to clause 15 and the applicable sections in these terms and conditions for the specific process, costs, and charges related to the services you wish to terminate. Without exception, termination of the contract or any part of it is only possible by providing written notice after a material breach by us, or as permitted by the relevant section in these terms and conditions related to the transaction or service.

Note: To validate termination due to a material breach by us, evidence of the breach must be provided if requested (and if reasonable in all circumstances for us to ask).

Termination of the contract by us involves a thorough consideration of whether any defaults or problems can be rectified before initiating termination. If deemed irremediable or if not resolved within a reasonable timeframe after our attempts to communicate the issue, or due to uncontrollable factors specified in clause 20, we reserve the right to terminate. This termination can occur by providing written notice or as permitted by a relevant section. Additionally, we can terminate or treat as terminated the contract, transaction, or service if we are relieved of our obligations under the contract or regarding the particular transaction or service.

Changes to your details are essential if you are an account user. Notification of any changes to the details required for setting up your account must be immediate. Losing your account details also requires prompt notification. Failure to comply may result in the exercise of our rights outlined in clause 16, including potential termination of pending transactions, services, or the entire contract, at our discretion. Failure to comply may be treated as a default or problem.

If you are not an account user, any disparity between the details we possess from a previous or completed order and the information provided for a new order may necessitate the provision of complete and updated identification to verify as part of the prerequisites for the new contract.


If either party terminates the contract or any portion thereof, whether through valid notice or mutual agreement, the following outcomes will be applicable to the terminated contract or its segment:

You will be responsible for any adverse movement in the underlying metal price, calculated based on the variation between the global market spot price at the time of placing your order and when the termination is acknowledged by us, multiplied by the precious metal content of your item(s).

The incurrence of a termination fee.

Possible obligation to make payments for supplementary services like the delivery of goods to you.

Immediate payment of all amounts owed to us from commencement until the termination date, encompassing sums mentioned in point (1) above, as well as fees and charges for any defaults or problems. These payments must be settled promptly.

Cessation of our obligations related to the contract, including any commitments to finalise transactions or render services that have been terminated.

The act of termination, whether by us or by you validly, does not constitute a breach of the contract or any other obligations toward you, nor does it render us liable to you, provided it is executed in a valid manner. The same applies if we exercise our remedies appropriately.

Termination or the application of our remedies will not affect the rights and remedies that have been accrued by either party. Provisions within these terms and conditions that explicitly or implicitly hold relevance post-termination will remain fully effective.


We will conduct ourselves reasonably and proportionately when employing our remedies. Here are the rights and provisions we may execute

Reliance on your order: We hold the entitlement to trust your order’s completeness and accuracy. While we verify identification and check for necessary information in your order, we may not catch all errors or omissions. Any errors or omissions we address could be considered defaults or problems.

Special fees and charges: In the event of a default or problem, we reserve the right to impose fees and charges following our tariff.

Additional information: Upon reasonable request, you must provide supplementary information. Failure to do so constitutes a material breach.

Death or incapacity: In the case of your death or mental incapacity, your personal representatives must inform us by ordering our trustee service promptly.

Voluntary trusts: Should we provide storage services for you and your goods are held on trust for someone else or by someone else as the trustee, you must notify us through an order for our trustee service. We will keep records of these trust arrangements.

Suspension, refusal, blocking: If there’s a default, problem, or a material breach by you, or we suspect insolvency on your part, we reserve the right to exercise various actions, including suspending orders, user accounts, services, and more. We will inform you of these actions through email, phone, or formal written notice.

Insolvency concerning you: In cases of your insolvency before ownership transfer, we reserve the right to refrain from fulfilling storage or delivery services, reclaim items, and even enter your premises if necessary.

Indemnity against tax: Upon request, you must reimburse us for any direct or indirect taxes relating to the contract.

Our right to withhold your property: We retain the right to hold onto your items if there are outstanding payments. We won’t be obliged to offer collection or delivery services until all payments are made.

Set off: We may offset any owed sum against each other, constituting a default if not fulfilled after our written request.

Set off against item(s): In the case of storage services, if we owe you less or no money, we may set off against your stored items, paying you for any leftover fractions.

Excessive outstanding charges and tariff: For storage services, if unpaid charges exceed your stored goods’ value, we reserve the right to cancel your user account and status as an account user.

Exclusion of certain statutory rights: Rights implied by the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 are excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law.

Unclaimed funds: If we are unable to contact you, repeated attempts will be made over a reasonable period. If unsuccessful, we may cash in your items, settling fees and costs, and donate the remaining sums to a chosen charity.

  1. VAT CHARGES Value Added Tax (VAT) applies to goods and services provided under the contract.
  2. DATA PROTECTION By submitting an order, you consent to our use of your personal data as described in our privacy statement. We may use your information for anti-fraud checks and may disclose it to relevant agencies for verification purposes.
  3. GUARANTEE AND COMPENSATION SCHEMES Except for the direct debit guarantee, no other compensation arrangements apply to goods, services, payments, or transactions under the contract.
  4. GENERAL TERMS These terms and conditions, along with accepted orders, constitute the entire agreement between you and us. They supersede any other terms, statements, or representations, and exclude implied terms unless specified in the accepted order.
  5. LANGUAGE AND APPLICABLE LAW All communication, including these terms and conditions, is conducted in English. The laws of the United Kingdom govern our dealings and the contract.
  6. DISPUTE RESOLUTION If you wish to dispute any contract-related matter, you may do so in writing, and we commit to responding within 20 working days.
  7. JURISDICTION FOR DISPUTES The courts of the United Kingdom have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve disputes related to the contract or its subject matter.


Section B – Purchase of Goods for Delivery, Collection, or Storage

Your attention is specifically directed to the clauses marked ‘*’ in Section A and this Section B.

  1. PROCEDURE FOR PURCHASING GOODS *Ordering Process To initiate the purchase of goods from us, please refer to clause 4 mentioned earlier. Your order should precisely specify the item(s) you intend to buy. Before we fulfill the order, certain prerequisites must be fulfilled.

Pricing The total price of your order may encompass our charges for any ancillary services related to the order and fees for delivery (if applicable), alongside the price of the item(s). *Ownership and Our Responsibility Subject to our rights and remedies outlined in Section C and Section D, we assume the risk of loss, damage, or theft of the item(s) until the legal title transfers to you. The point at which you assume legal ownership of the item(s) is contingent upon the specific item(s) and related services requested from us, subject to our rights and remedies as per these terms and conditions.

  • Purchasing item(s) with our delivery service Upon meeting the preconditions, you assume legal ownership of those item(s) upon completion of our delivery service. • Purchasing item(s) with our collection service Upon meeting the preconditions, you assume legal ownership of those item(s) upon completion of our collection service. • Purchasing item(s) and opting for storage With the preconditions met, you assume legal ownership of those item(s) when we confirm in writing the receipt of payment and the placement of your item(s) into storage.

Note: Upon the transfer of ownership, the item(s) are referred to as “your goods” as outlined in these terms and conditions.

*Your Responsibilities Upon becoming the legal owner of the item(s), your obligations include the payment of all applicable taxes, duties, and related charges concerning the item(s). Subject to other pertinent provisions of this agreement (e.g., regarding risks associated with storage – see section D), your responsibilities encompass the risk of loss, theft, or damage to the item(s), and any resulting loss or damage to you, us, or any other party. Our Commitments Subject to the asterisk-marked conditions in this clause 25 and in Section A, in conjunction with the prerequisites mentioned earlier, and in accordance with our rights and remedies delineated in these terms and conditions, we will vend the item(s) stated in the order to you. Completion Our obligation to vend the item(s) concludes upon your attainment of legal ownership of the item(s), or upon our release from obligations under our collection or delivery services in compliance with these terms and conditions.


Section C – Receipt of Goods via Delivery or Collection


Your attention is specifically drawn to the clauses marked ‘*’ and ‘+’ in Section A and this Section C. You can receive the allocated goods purchased from us simultaneously while opting for a delivery service, collection or storage service (refer to section D).

  1. PROCESS OF ORDERING DELIVERY OR COLLECTION SERVICES *Ordering Procedure To utilise these services, clause 4 mentioned earlier applies. Your order should specify the purchased item(s) from us (or held in storage) that you wish to receive, along with your choice of collection or delivery services. Fulfillment of the service is subject to meeting specified prerequisites. The availability of the collection service for certain item(s) is subject to our acceptance. If the collection service is unavailable, you may request the use of the delivery service. *Distinct Services for Different Item(s) If you require items via both our collection and delivery services, separate orders must be placed for each service.

*Partial Holding If the item(s) are partially or wholly stored with us, your order must precisely identify the item(s) you intend to receive. In the absence of specific instructions, we will make the selection, which you must accept.

Pricing The total price of your order will encompass charges for the delivery or collection service. Regarding stored item(s), if you wish to receive part of your holding, we will extract all item(s) under the order, segregate the required item(s) for collection or delivery, and re-store the remainder. Charges for re-storing, collection, or delivery may apply.

Our Responsibilities Subject to the marked ‘*’ in this clause 26 and Section A, as well as the prerequisites and our rights and remedies under these terms and conditions, we are obligated to provide the item(s) stated in the order through the designated collection or delivery service. Typically, we aim to make the item(s) available within 7 working days of your order, although this is subject to clause 20 above (refer to “Uncontrollable factors”).

  1. DELIVERY TO YOU (OR TO US, FOR COLLECTION) *Delivery Place and Time The goods will be delivered by our carrier to the address specified in the order. Any loss liability rests with you in cases of delivery to a PO Box, mailbox, or when delivery is subject to postal redirection or a house of multiple occupation.

We cannot be held accountable for delays in delivery or collection arising from stock shortages, adverse weather, traffic delays, mechanical breakdowns, or other circumstances beyond our control. The delivery dates provided are approximate, and timely delivery is not an essential aspect of the contract.

Note: All orders will be deemed delivered upon being signed for at the delivery address or confirmed as delivered by our couriers. Prior to requesting delivery, ensure the security of the delivery location, as any subsequent loss will be your responsibility once the delivery is acknowledged or confirmed. This is particularly pertinent if the delivery is to a house of multiple occupation or a work address. Do not accept or sign for any delivery if the package appears damaged, resealed, or tampered with; instruct the courier to return the item to us. We bear no liability for loss once the package is accepted at the delivery address.

Delivery in Instalments We reserve the right to deliver the item(s) in instalments, constituting separate orders under separate contracts. Delays or issues with one package will not affect other packages, entitling you to rights and remedies solely concerning the affected package under these terms and conditions.

*Investigation of Non-Delivery We retain the right (though not obliged) to investigate cases of non-delivery, particularly in instances of suspected fraud. We may enlist external assistance, including investigators and professional advisors, for such investigations.

*Fraudulent Activity If you (alone or with others) are found engaged in fraudulent activity related to non-delivery, we are not obligated to attempt fresh delivery of replacement item(s). This applies if your fraudulent conduct is established by any court or tribunal ruling, or by reasonable suspicion following investigation by us or law enforcement.

*Indemnity for Loss On request, you must indemnify us against all costs and expenses reasonably incurred in investigating non-delivery reported by you, unless our investigation or evidence proves no fraud or reasonable grounds for suspicion.

*Your Duty to Accept Delivery If no one receives delivery at the specified address, the item(s) will be returned to us if uncollected from the local sorting office. We will attempt re-delivery after contacting you, which is not typically considered a default or problem unless it recurs.

If re-delivery arrangements fail or cannot be made, at our discretion, we may (1) sell the item(s) and reimburse you after deducting fees, or (2) move the item(s) to storage with our subcontractors, incurring storage and delivery expenses charged as per our tariff.

+Exclusion of Liability for Delayed or Failed Delivery We hold no liability for delayed delivery or non-delivery if caused by your unavailability, instructions (or lack thereof) essential for delivery, or factors beyond our or our carrier’s control (e.g., traffic or emergencies) within your control.

+Liability for Delivery Factors Outside Your Control Failed delivery is presumed within your reasonable control unless proven solely caused by us or our carrier and not by you.

*Limitation of Liability for Our Failure to Deliver Subject to the marked ‘+’ and these terms and conditions, if failed delivery is conclusively caused by us or our carrier and not by you or factors within your control, our liability is limited as follows (whichever applies):

  • If we or our carrier possess the item(s): limited to the re-delivery cost (if any). • If we or our carrier lack the item(s): limited to the price stated in the accepted order for the undelivered item(s) and our delivery service cost for that package.

We are liable for failed delivery if there is no fraud or error on your part and if, for example, we confirm non-sending of the package, carrier loss, or theft.

Note: Our discretion will determine whether to address liability for failed delivery by replacement or refund as per the original order. Delivery Tracking Refer to clause 18 above. Our Privacy Statement applies during our delivery service.

Completion Our delivery service is considered complete once we fulfill our delivery obligations under these terms and conditions or are released from said obligations accordingly.

  1. COLLECTION SERVICE Price for Collection If your goods are stored, the order price may involve extraction charges if you opt to collect the stored goods from us.

Collection Timing You must collect the item(s) within 5 working days from notification of their availability.

Collection Requirements Our collection service entails specific conditions. On collection, you must present the requested original IDs, including any additional information previously requested, matching the provided IDs, and verifiable by us. Failure to meet these conditions will result in non-provision of the goods for collection.

*Failure to Collect on Time Failure to collect the item(s) within 5 working days of notification of their availability may prompt us to attempt arranging collection again. Non-collection is typically not deemed a default unless recurring.

If repeated collection attempts fail or if item(s) remain uncollected after 5 working days from notification, at our discretion, we may either sell the item(s) and reimburse you after deducting fees, or move the item(s) to storage with our subcontractors, incurring additional costs charged per our tariff.

Visiting Us Refer to clause 10 above. Our Acceptable Use Policy and Privacy Statement apply when visiting our registered office.

Completion Our collection service is considered complete once you collect the item(s) from us or upon fulfillment or release from our obligations under these terms and conditions.


Section D – Storage of Goods

Your attention is directed to clauses marked ‘*’ in Section A and this Section D. Upon your request as part of your order, we’ll arrange the Allocated Storage for your goods in a secure vault. Allocated Storage ensures your goods are distinct, separately identifiable, and entirely segregated from other customers’ items.

  1. HOW TO REQUEST OUR STORAGE SERVICE *Ordering Process To engage our storage service, the conditions outlined in clause 4 earlier apply. Your order must specify the item(s) purchased from us that you want us to store. Prerequisites must be met before we provide this service.

Minimum Storage Duration There’s no minimum storage period, but we calculate charges on a daily basis, potentially entailing a minimum fee.

*Storage of Your Goods We offer storage immediately upon your purchase. If you store goods elsewhere first and later request our storage service, we’ll decide at our discretion whether to accommodate. In such cases, we store your goods on an “as-is” or “said-to-contain” basis, disclaiming responsibility for stored item authenticity, hence excluding your rights under clause 20, “Authenticity”.

Pricing If your order includes storage, the total price encompasses charges for our vaulting service to transport your goods to our storage facility. We reserve the right to adjust storage service prices, providing a 30-day notice for any changes.

*Payment You’re required to settle payments for our storage service in arrears. Billing frequency will be conveyed during order placement, and any changes will be notified at least a month in advance. If the initial payment covers a different period, it’ll be specified. You must maintain account user status to avail of our storage service; ceasing this status might lead to termination of our storage service.

If payment falls on a non-working day, it must reach us by the last working day preceding the due date.

Note: Payment issues constitute a material breach by you, triggering Section A clauses 14 and 16.

*Our Liability for Storage Service We arrange storage with subcontractors. Under our subcontract agreements, subcontractors bear the risk of loss, damage, or theft from the start till completion of our storage service. They must maintain suitable insurance against these risks.

If subcontracted goods are lost, damaged, or stolen, we’ll work with you to enforce our rights against subcontractors and their insurers. We aim to replace your items or provide cash reimbursement (in Sterling) after evaluating accepted claims.

Subcontractor liability for storage service is capped at the current value of lost goods, expressed in USD ($) and converted to Sterling on the 3rd business day following the loss notification. This cap aligns with the cap in clause 10 regarding our entire liability.

This limitation applies within the storage premises; once goods leave, liability follows our collection or delivery service under Section C.

Taxation You acknowledge our non-liability for taxes resulting from your contract with us, present or future. Seek tax advice from your own tax/accounting advisor if needed.

Your Right to Remove Goods from Storage You can request delivery or collection at any time after the commencement date, subject to conditions:

  1. Clause 4 applies for the storage termination service, specifying items and required collection/delivery.
  2. Preconditions must be met before providing storage termination service.
  3. Pricing includes termination and collection/delivery charges stated in the order.
  4. Termination doesn’t immediately take effect; we require time to complete services post-termination.
  5. Any taxes due before delivery must be paid; otherwise, we’ll collect and account for them to HMRC.

*Cancellation of Direct Debit Cancellation or non-payment via direct debit is a material breach. We’ll attempt to resolve but may ultimately terminate the storage service.

*Our Right to Terminate Storage Services As per Section A, we strive to resolve defaults or issues. Unresolvable cases could lead to exercising Section A rights regarding our storage service. We may suspend your account or terminate it and the storage service, giving 90 days’ notice.

Failure to arrange delivery or collection authorises us to sell your goods at the current market price, remitting proceeds after relevant charges to your payment account.

*Consequences of Termination You’ll incur charges for storage termination. If you don’t specify otherwise in writing, we’ll arrange secure delivery using our most reliable service to your verified delivery address.

Our Obligations Subject to the clauses marked ‘*’ in this Section D, Section A, prerequisites, and rights under these terms, we’ll secure storage for your goods using subcontracted facilities.

*Changes in Our Service or Facilities Over time, service or facility specifics may change due to different subcontractors or for business improvements. We won’t compromise security without prior notice, allowing you to terminate if dissatisfied.

Other changes may occur without requiring your consent, given they don’t affect security.

*Changes by You You lack the right to relocate goods stored with us, except if we offer such a service. Movement relies on our collection or delivery services in Section C.

Completion Our storage service concludes upon fulfilling obligations for storage termination, collection, or delivery, or upon release from these duties as per these terms and conditions.


Section E – Selling Your Metal

Please pay close attention to clauses marked ‘*’ in Section A and this Section E.

  1. HOW TO SELL METAL Note: Metal prices are volatile; refer to clause 12, “Risk Notice,” and clause 20, “Uncontrollable factors.” When selling metal, the payment you receive might be less than your original purchase price.

*Ordering Process To sell metal to us, refer to clause 4 above. Your offer must specify the item(s) for sale. Preconditions must be met before we purchase the metal from you.

Price The offer price typically depends on a percentage of the current global market spot price for the metal type and quantity. This value is stated on our website or confirmed by us via telephone or in-store.

Note: If the received metal quantity or type differs from the agreed offer, we’ll propose an alternative offer for your consideration.

*Your Warranty When Selling You affirm that you meet our metal-selling standards. This warranty reflects truthfulness. If proven otherwise, you’re liable for any losses or damages we incur due to this.

*Your Commitment When Selling You commit to fulfilling our metal-selling standards.

*Assurance from You You must undertake and complete all necessary actions, deeds, or document signings to finalise the sale and transfer ownership to us. If another person (e.g., a co-owner or trustee) needs to act to facilitate our ownership, you’re responsible for ensuring they fulfill their obligations. If any action could impede our ownership, you must prevent it. Failure to meet these requirements, if highlighted by us, constitutes a default, demanding immediate rectification.

Packaging and Delivery Except for items stored with us in their original packaging, you’re accountable for packaging the metal and providing evidence of ownership and other required items to meet preconditions. Additionally, you’re responsible for delivering these to us or arranging a carrier for delivery. Costs of packaging, travel, and carrier charges are your responsibility.

*Ownership and Your Liability You bear the risk of loss, damage, or theft of the metal, evidence of ownership, and other necessary items until we’re the legal owner or confirm in writing or by phone to you upon receipt.

We become the legal owner at the time and date of confirming receipt of the metal (if applicable) and formally accepting your offer, subject to preconditions.

*Our Remedies in Case of Issues We’ll assess if a situation is fixable and attempt to contact you for resolution. If deemed unresolvable or unresolved despite our efforts, we may exercise remedies as per clause 16. In case of a material breach or your insolvency, we reserve the right to terminate the contract.

Our Obligations When Purchasing Subject to the clause marked ‘*’ in this clause 30, Section A, preconditions, and our rights under these terms, upon receiving the metal and choosing to accept your offer, we’ll confirm acceptance in writing or by phone and make payment as per the accepted offer.

Payment We’ll only make payments on working days. Typically, we’ll make payment on the date of accepting the offer. However, for larger offers or situations involving uncontrollable factors (refer to clause 20), we’ll process payment within 7 working days of offer acceptance.

Completion Our obligation to purchase the metal concludes upon becoming the legal owner of the metal.


Section F – Special Offers or Promotions

Details of any special offer or promotion will be available on our website.

Exclusions: Participation in any special offer or promotion is not open to Gold Bullion Wealth Limited staff, their relatives (including subsidiaries), cohabiting partners, family members of employees, or participants/suppliers involved in the specific offer/promotion (such as advertising agencies, advertisers, sponsors, or suppliers).

All participants in any special offer or promotion must provide accurate, up-to-date, and complete information during participation. Proof of identification and residence may be requested due to your participation.

We reserve the right, without notice, to change or modify any special offer or promotion at our discretion.

Participants in the special offer or promotion must reside in the United Kingdom, and each offer or promotion is typically limited to one person per household unless stated otherwise.

Failure to claim any product or service within a reasonable timeframe forfeits your right to claim the product or service included in the special offer or promotion.

The special offer or promotion cannot be transferred, exchanged, or redeemed for cash, other products, or services.

Participants in an offer or promotion must refrain from spamming or using unsolicited emails.

We reserve the right to disqualify participants from any offer or promotion without prior notice.



account user: Refers to you after we have verified your ID, you have set up a direct debit in our favour on your payment account, we’ve issued you an account card, and you possess a username and password.

billing frequency: Typically monthly or quarterly, although it may be set at any interval by us. Notification of your billing frequency occurs during your order placement and may be subject to change upon our notice. The initial bill may cover a longer duration than your usual billing cycle.

charges: Denotes our fees for rendering services, packaging, and delivery. Details about when these fees apply and their calculation are available in FAQs or on our website.

commencement date: Marks the initiation of the contract when you place your order or offer.

contract: The agreement established between you and us upon our acceptance of the order or offer received from you.

current value: Indicates the London metal market value of the metal content in the relevant goods at the time of loss, damage, or theft, plus the percentage premium paid upon the original purchase from us.

default or problem: Refers to a material breach by you under the contract, any insolvency on your part, or specifically identified circumstances in the terms and conditions.

goods: Specific types or categories of goods as described in the order. We maintain ownership of the goods until they become your property.

ID: Evidence of your identity supplied according to our instructions, including any supporting information and verification obtained from a credit reference or fraud prevention agency.

including or include or in particular for for example: Expressions that precede a list of examples, interpreted as open and not limited to the instances provided.

insolvency: A situation where you or us, in the UK or a similar jurisdiction, are unable to pay debts, subject to bankruptcy, or face a similar event.

item(s): Denotes the specific quantity of goods stated in the order.

liabilities: Refers to any obligation arising under contract, tort, statutory duty, or otherwise.

material breach by you: Instances such as failure to meet preconditions, payment defaults, providing incorrect information, or committing fraud, constituting a substantial breach of obligations under the contract.

material breach by us: Refers to a significant failure by us to fulfill contractual obligations or statutory duties, unremedied within a reasonable time.

mental capacity: Defined under the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

metal: Refers to your goods or other owned gold, silver, or metals.

metal-selling standards: Criteria including ownership, accurate description, safe delivery, and assuming the risk during transit of the metal being sold.

non-delivery: Occurs when our carrier indicates delivery, but you claim non-receipt.

offer: Your proposal (via phone, in person, or online) for payment in exchange for metal, subject to our standards and terms.

order: Your request for payment for specific items or services, encompassing an offer confirmed after changes under clause 7.

ordered: A decision made by a court or regulator, enforceable without appeal.

payment: Cleared funds for items, services, charges, or fees as calculated by us according to agreed-upon prices or terms.

payment account: Your debit, credit, or electronic money account accepted by us for transactions.

person: Includes natural persons, corporate or unincorporated bodies.

preconditions: Specific conditions outlined in Clause 4 of the contract that must be fulfilled before our obligations under Sections B to E come into effect.

privacy statement: A document outlining the collection, use, and sharing of personal information, available on our website.

rights under the contract: Your entitlements, distinct from ownership rights, including services we agreed to provide.

services: Encompasses various transactions, storage, delivery, trustee service, and other services outlined on our website, provided for payment.

statutory rights: Rights implied into the contract by relevant statutes, such as the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 or Sale of Goods Act 1979.

Storage: Arrangements for securely storing your goods in a vault.

Allocated Storage: Designates customer goods as individually identifiable and segregated from others.

supplier, we, us or our: Gold Bullion Wealth Limited.

tariff: A schedule of fees and charges applicable in case of default or problem

transaction: Refers to buying goods from us or selling metal to us as outlined in the order.

user account: An account provided upon registration on our website or via other means.

working day: A day excluding weekends or public holidays when banks operate in the UK.

you or your: The person identified in the order or who submits the offer.

your goods: Item(s) that you have bought and own, subject to these terms and conditions, for delivery, collection, or storage.