At Gold Bullion Wealth (GBW), we pride ourselves on our proximity to the heartbeat of the market, constantly in pursuit of the most prestigious UK Commemorative Gold Proof Coins and similar assets with unparalleled potential for appreciation. Our insider access and deep market insights enable us to identify and secure coins that represent not just a piece of history, but a significant opportunity, offering our community the chance to partake in the wealth generated by these rare and sought-after treasures. Our strategic approach ensures that GBW remains at the forefront, closely aligned with major players in the market, to maximize profit potential for our valued community members and collectors.

  1. Edward VIII 1 Sovereign:
    Dubbed “the coin that never was” due to its abrupt halt in production before Edward VIII’s abdication, this exceptionally rare coin fetched a staggering €1,760,000 at a 2021 auction. Its scarcity and the historical significance of its limited mintage have crowned it as the most expensive British coin ever sold, marking a pinnacle of numismatic value.
  2. Queen Victoria 5 Pounds:
    Celebrated for its unparalleled beauty and rarity, the 1839 coin, known for its unique variations, achieved a remarkable sale price of €1,027,080 at a 2021 auction. This sale not only reflects the coin’s aesthetic and historical significance but also underscores its status as one of the most beautiful and valuable pieces, with its rare variations commanding high prices in the numismatic community.
  3. King William IV 5 Sovereigns: Highlighting its extraordinary rarity and the historical significance of King William IV’s brief reign, a pattern coin from this period fetched €820,000 at a 2020 auction. This sale not only emphasizes the coin’s scarcity due to limited minting but also cements its status as one of the most expensive UK coins, particularly because such pattern coins were never released for circulation, making them exceptionally rare and sought-after by collectors.
  4. King George V 1 Sovereign: A specific 1920 sovereign, minted in Sydney, Australia, garnered €818,289 at a 2012 auction due to its exceptional rarity and the unique circumstances of its issuance—specifically minted for a politician’s anniversary. This coin’s significant value and desirability stem not only from its limited production but also from the unique historical context of its minting, making it a highly valuable and sought-after piece among collectors.
  5. Queen Anne 5 Guineas: The Vigo guineas, minted from gold seized in 1702 and proudly bearing the “VIGO” inscription to honour their origin from the Battle of Vigo Bay, fetched an impressive €784,170 at a 2019 auction, underscoring their immense value. This significant valuation is attributed to their exceptional rarity and the profound historical significance encapsulated within each coin, marking them as not only rare but also highly valuable pieces of history.
  6. King George III 1 Crown: Featuring the iconic three graces, an 1817 pattern coin that was never released for circulation sold for €708,800 at a 2018 auction, highlighting its rarity and desirability among collectors. This coin’s significant auction price and its status as a pattern that was never circulated underscore its position as one of the most expensive and sought-after coins, celebrated for its artistic depiction and historical significance.
  7. King George III 1 Sovereign: Part of the significant great recoinage and fetching €625,000 in 2021, this coin is celebrated for its rarity, stemming from its historical significance and the unique variations minted, especially those from 1820. These specific variations are highly sought after by collectors, underlining the coin’s esteemed status within the numismatic community due to its rich historical context and the diversity of its designs, making it a prized asset for its rarity and appeal.
  8. King Edward III 1 Florin: Known as the double leopard and minted for only six months in 1344, it fetched €578,285 at a 2006 auction, underlining its extreme rarity.
  9. King Charles II 1 Crown: The gold version of this coin, celebrated for its age and the historical era in which it was minted, fetched €551,980 at a 2021 auction. Its rarity and value are deeply rooted in its historical context, making it a distinguished and sought-after piece among collectors who value both its material composition and the unique story it represents from its time period.
  10. King George III 5 Guineas: The 1773 coin, known for its scarcity due to the limited number still in existence, fetched €530,750 at a 2021 auction, highlighting its considerable historical value and rarity. This sale price underscores the coin’s allure to collectors, who value not only its age but also the unique story it carries, making it a highly valuable and sought-after piece in the realm of numismatics.


These values illustrate the significant potential of commemorative gold coins, reflecting their desirability among collectors for their historical, cultural significance, and rarity. The prices achieved at auctions underscore the high demand and limited supply of these unique pieces, making them standout assets in the collectable market​​.




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